Tuesday, November 29, 2011

This is why.

This is why i collect and make cards and send them to the troops overseas...

"Dear Corinne,
I am sending you my deepest gratitude for sending such beautiful cards to us deployed soldiers over seas. The cards are gorgeous and it is a wonderful treat to pop a short note or thanks, or a hello, home to family and friends.
Your kindness has touched many of us here.
Thank you so much for thinking of us.

Captain M."

Thank you to all those who have donated and created cards for this project. Truly. Thank you.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Thank you!

Thank you to Sarah MacEachern, who sent some lovely cards for the troops. You have touched many lives!

and Thank you to Trisha ! She's got a shout out for cards for the troops on the My Mind's Eye blog - http://www.mymindseye.typepad.com/ - check it out!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Some Guidelines

Yes, unfortunately there have to be some guidelines.


I'm going with Op Write Home on this - taken from their website:

  • "The reason behind our "no glitter" requirement may help to clarify things. It's not about the shiny aspect of glitter. It's about the messy side of it!
    Many of our deployed heroes live in very primitive conditions. Primitive as in no showers for a couple weeks. No laundry. Nowhere to get cleaned up. And if they open a box of cards and get sprinkled all over, they might have absolutely nowhere to get rid of all that mess; they may not even realise it's all over them. And if they have glitter on their uniforms it can put them at risk — it can make them visible to night vision goggles, and that is just not a risk we're willing to take!"

Metal - Please don't use a whole lot of metal on your cards - a brad or two is great - but the cards do go through a metal detector and get tossed if there's metal.

Any size cards are welcome - if you can include an envelope that fits, that will really help at this end. i've got spares but not always the right size!

General themes are the most used. Happy Birthday, Missing You, Thinking of You, both masculine and feminine. Holiday cards need a lot of lead time in order to get them to the troops on time. (Christmas cards need to be sent in September!)

Any other questions, please let me know!



Welcome to Op Write Home Canada.

I decided to start this blog, since i've had a lot of requests for information about "where can i send some cards i've made to the Canadian Troops?"

Here's the background.

I work with the military. I'm not military - just work with them. I had co-workers overseas at Christmas time and sent some cards. When one of the co-workers got back, I asked if they got any cards while he was there. The response was - "we were fighting over the cards!" WELL. I figured in my small way i could help with that. So it became a small project. Make some cards and write a note in them. The project has mushroomed.

The cards that my friends and I made, were sent to a Canadian Forces supply depot in Quebec and were put on a cargo plane overseas, if there was room. That box was over 1100 cards. A HUGE shout out to my friends for helping!

The next year, cards were still coming in and are STILL coming in. Now, the cards don't necessarily contain a note to the soldier, but are meant for the soldier's use to send notes and write home.

There is an organization in the States that is doing this and doing a wonderful job!


If you are interested in sending to the American side of things, send to them!

Anyway - I thought it'd be great to do this for the Canadian Troops.

If you want to write to a soldier directly, here's a link:

http://www.forces.gc.ca/site/Commun/message/index-eng.asp - Morale Message board.

If you want to send cards, so that the soldier can write home, please email me and I'll get you my address

email me at:

braunc13 at hotmail dot com

And thanks!