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Welcome to Op Write Home Canada.

I decided to start this blog, since i've had a lot of requests for information about "where can i send some cards i've made to the Canadian Troops?"

Here's the background.

I work with the military. I'm not military - just work with them. I had co-workers overseas at Christmas time and sent some cards. When one of the co-workers got back, I asked if they got any cards while he was there. The response was - "we were fighting over the cards!" WELL. I figured in my small way i could help with that. So it became a small project. Make some cards and write a note in them. The project has mushroomed.

The cards that my friends and I made, were sent to a Canadian Forces supply depot in Quebec and were put on a cargo plane overseas, if there was room. That box was over 1100 cards. A HUGE shout out to my friends for helping!

The next year, cards were still coming in and are STILL coming in. Now, the cards don't necessarily contain a note to the soldier, but are meant for the soldier's use to send notes and write home.

There is an organization in the States that is doing this and doing a wonderful job!

If you are interested in sending to the American side of things, send to them!

Anyway - I thought it'd be great to do this for the Canadian Troops.

If you want to write to a soldier directly, here's a link: - Morale Message board.

If you want to send cards, so that the soldier can write home, please email me and I'll get you my address

email me at:

braunc13 at hotmail dot com

And thanks!

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