Tuesday, November 29, 2011

This is why.

This is why i collect and make cards and send them to the troops overseas...

"Dear Corinne,
I am sending you my deepest gratitude for sending such beautiful cards to us deployed soldiers over seas. The cards are gorgeous and it is a wonderful treat to pop a short note or thanks, or a hello, home to family and friends.
Your kindness has touched many of us here.
Thank you so much for thinking of us.

Captain M."

Thank you to all those who have donated and created cards for this project. Truly. Thank you.


  1. Hey, are you still doing this? I would love to help out :)

  2. I'm also interested if you're still collecting cards to send. :)

  3. I'm assuming because there were no answers to the last 2 comments, that you aren't collecting cards anymore. If this is incorrect, my apologies. I, too, am interested in sending cards (just found out about OWH)